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Currently delivering quality milk  in — Gachibowli — Madhapur — Kukatpally — Jubliee Hills — Banjara Hills areas.

Step 2 - Choose Quantity and Order Buffalo Milk or Cow Milk

We offer quality Buffalo and Cow milk from 0.5 litres to 5 litres per location.

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We deliver fresh cow and buffalo milk during morning (AM) or evening times(PM).


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How safe is the milk you drink?

It could be diluted with unsafe water?

For any city in India the drain water is segregated in one place and that is the source for grass for most of the milch animals in the city.

The water is contaminated with chemicals from industries and parasites/bacteria.

Are cattle yielding milk healthy?

Most of the times cattle are mistreated and are fed hormones and non-natural material to produce high yield.

Moreover fodder fed to the cattle could be from drain or chemically polluted water.

Stomach tuberculosis is transmitted from milk of diseased cattle

Pasteurization could kill taste and might need taste boosters like Horlicks/Bournvita which is an added cost.

No Ghee and low butter. Additional cost of buying ghee adds up.

Could be diluted at the collection point, farmer  and could be from cattle fed non organic fodder.

We have dietary restrictions for lactating humans so that the kids get better milk, why not for milking animals.

 Some vendors use chemicals to preserve the left over milk from the previous day.

Could be diluted. The worry is about the water used to dilute.

Could be from cattle fed with city drain water. Usually all the fodder in the cities is grown on drain water collections or industrial waste water. This could have harmful chemicals and parasites

No Ghee and low butter. Additional cost of buying ghee adds up.

 Could be from diseased or sick animals.

Milked only a couple of hours ago. Delivered fresh without middle men.

Pure Milk, No additives, Rich Flavor, Better Taste.

Easily Digestible, High yield of Butter and Ghee.

Cattle fed with farm grown corn and grass treated with ground and rain water.

Is from healthy animals. We check the temperature and avoid milk from sick animals.

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